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To the Mooney and Back

Where is the return label for my rental sign located?

  • The return label is located inside of the “Open Me” envelope. This envelope can be found in the box that the sign was shipped in! 

What type of batteries does the dimmer and color changer use?

  • They both take AAA! 

What brightness does the signs photograph best at?

  • It is found that these signs photograph best at 50%.

What are the different buttons on the color-changing remote? 

  • We provide each customer with a color-changing remote direction sheet! If you are still confused we have provided a youtube link that is very helpful.

Do you charge for designs and quotes?

  • No! We do designs and quotes completely free! We are happy to work with our customers to find the perfect sign for them!!

How many different phrases do you have for rental signs? 

  • We currently have seven rental signs with different phrases! We hope to add more in the future. 

Does the shipping cost include shipping and returning for rental signs?

  • Yes, the fees that we provided included the shipping rate and returning rate! 

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